Frequently Asked Questions

It is as real as the sun in the morning. At DEALSKING.PK, we support local merchants in winning more business and securing more customers. These merchants are local shops, small businesses, quality vendors who are quality conscious and had working. DEALSKING.PK negotiates great bargains for you and the residents of your city to increase the footfall at the local merchant. In return, local merchants honor our customers like you with heavy discounts that have never been seen before.

Ready to jump on this bandwagon? Browse the deals today and get the offer that you love, since all of our deals are in limited quantity and time-sensitive.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. You save the Deal’s Image that you love. You visit the merchant to avail the offer and experience an awesome service.

We have taken the pain out of the bargain buying and brought the best of twin cities to you. So, sit back, relax and get the offer that you love the most.

Make sure you visit DEALSKING.PK daily as there are daily deals on the website that are for a limited number of customers and time-sensitive.

For sure you can. Just save the Deal’s Image, Show it to the Merchant and Enjoy the Deal with a Great Service. If you have the copy of the Deals King Savings Book, then feel free to take that specific FREE Voucher from Deals King Savings Book & show it to the Merchant to avail the discount.  All deals are in limited quantity and for a specified period of time.

This has never happened before and it never will. All of our merchants are in agreement with DEALSKING.PK to offer the best of their services as committed on the deal voucher. These merchants are hard working small businesses that are supporting their families too. So, you can expect a great service from them that will increase their business and word of mouth.

Having said that, the only case where a merchant can legally refuse to serve is if the deal has expired. The deals expiry dates are mentioned on deals images and deals detail pages from where you saved the deal image. If your deal is not expired and still a highly unlikely situation occurs and the merchant refuses to serve the deal, then please contact us immediately. Speak with one of our Customer Experience Representatives on 051 5733797.

‘DEALSKING.PK Promise’ protects you. DEALSKING.PK Promise replaces and provides you with another similar great deal within 30-minutes in case of no service. We would love you to experience new offers by our merchants and will do everything under the sun to bring that awesome experience to you.

We design every deal page to give you all the information you’ll need before purchasing. And we organize that information into distinct sections so you know where to find it.

Right at the top of the page, this section gives you a glimpse of some of the most important details about a deal—from there you’ll get to know the time you have left to avail the deal. We also include other similar deals from the category to keep you updated on the best available options so that you can make an informed decision.

Here you get the snapshot of the great offer and what’s included. You will also get to see what the original price is that other customers of the said merchant are paying, who do not have the deal from DEALSKING.PK. You will see the discounted amount with deal from DEALSKING.PK and you will get to see the amount you are saving by using DEALSKING.PK.

Make sure to head here before you purchase a deal. It’ll let you know any terms and limitations that might come in handy—whether that’s the number of DEALSKING.PK you can purchase or when the voucher is set to expire.

Here the details of the merchant are mentioned to give you more detailed information about their products, services, offerings, expertise and history.

This is the section to check if you’re wondering what the vibe of a restaurant is or whether the hotel you’re looking at is close to the beach. Our editors research each merchant thoroughly, and we run and craft a profile to let you know the most compelling—and the most relevant—aspects of the business.

Want to know exactly how far away the business is? At the bottom of the deal page is an interactive map that will show you all locations of the business for which the deal is valid. You can use this to plan your trip or shop for deals in the same neighborhood.

That would be something terrible. We aim to bring an awesome service from the best of the local merchants to all of our customers. If you availed the service on the deal and you didn’t like the overall experience, then please speak with one of our Customer Experience Representatives who would for sure provide the feedback to the merchant in return.

We can understand that things change. You are under no obligation to avail the deal once you have saved the Deal Image that you wanted to avail. However, do visit the website as there are other awesome deals from top merchants that might be something that you want to avail.

Yes. You can. We love caring for our customers and we appreciate when they are being taken care of. The bearer of the Deal Image can avail the service from the local merchant, till the time it expires.

Unfortunately not. Unless otherwise stated, you do not receive credit or cash back for whatever you don’t use.

Nope, not unless the Deal specifically states otherwise.

All deals are time specific. Yes, there are certain clearance sales and business closing down deals on the website and Savings Book also. However, you need to make sure that you avail the deal before it expires.

Please contact us or Suggest a Business.

We’re growing fast and if you don’t see deals relevant to you, let us know and we’ll try and get some. If you’d like to help us start DEALSKING.PK deals specific to your city, feel free to email us and we’ll see what we can do.

You’ll receive our daily DEALSKING.PK offers in your inbox, and occasional alerts relating to your favorite deals. We take your personal information very seriously – our focus is to use your e-mail to inform you of our great deals every day. Our Privacy Policy gives the full story.

We’re sorry for any delay in your shipment. If you haven’t already checked your item’s delivery status and would like to do so, you can learn how to track your package by speaking with one of our Customer Experience Representatives on 051 5733797. Alternatively, if we have run out of the printed copies (since there is a huge demand), we will email you the soft copy of the Monthly Deals King Savings Book.